7 Steps to Take When a Storm Damages Your Burnsville Roof

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 Residents of Burnsville are familiar with a multitude of severe weather events from wind and hail to ice and snow.  Severe weather can easily wreak havoc on your roof causing varying degrees of damage, and the storm damage restoration process can feel daunting.  Preparing yourself with the knowledge to tackle the restoration process head on will ease your mind and lower your stress levels.

1. Safety First

Severe storms can not only damage your home, but they can create various safety hazards.  Some of the most common hazards created by severe storms in Burnsville are downed power lines, broken gas lines,  and nails, broken glass, and other sharp debris.  Before moving on to the next step ensure your property is safe for you.

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2. Look For Roof Damage

Once you’ve determined the area is safe you can look for more obvious signs of roof damage to your Burnsville home.  Some of the things to look for are:

  • Lifting Shingles
  • Bent or Broken Shingles
  • Missing Granules and Granules in Downspouts
  • Broken Vents and Damaged Flashing
  • Punctures in the Roof

3. Look For Other Signs of Damage

Sometimes your roof won’t have very obvious signs of damage to the untrained eye, but there are things your can look for in the surrounding area that could indicate the storm was strong enough to cause damage to your roof, even if you can’t see the damage yourself.  Some of the indicators your can look for are:

  • Visible Damage to Neighboring Properties
  • Damage to Surrounding Structures Like Fences and Decks
  • Displaced Items Like Patio Furniture and Trash Cans
  • Broken or Damaged Gutters
  • Damaged Siding
  • Fallen Limbs and Other Debris

4. Inventory and Photographs

While you assess your property you’ll want to take plenty of pictures and it’s a good idea to make a written inventory of your observations.  This documentation will help you streamline the process as you work through a potential insurance claim and the rest of the restoration process.

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5. Call Your Insurance Provider

When you’ve determined that your roof was damaged by the latest storm in Burnsville it’s time to call your insurance provider to start the claims process.  Your provider will be able to answer any questions you have about your specific coverage and what you need to do to ensure your roof is properly taken care of.  When you make the call, have the following things ready:

  • Your Policy Number
  • Your Contact Information
  • The Inventory and Photographs You Took
  • Any Questions You Have About Your Policy

6. Start The Cleanup Process

As long as you’ve taken pictures and spoken to your insurance to make them aware of the potential damage to your property, you don’t need to wait around to start cleaning the mess.  If there is debris or branches in your yard, you can start cleaning up and getting things set back to rights.

7. Call Your Trusted Burnsville Roofing Contractor

The most important step in your storm damage restoration process is calling a trusted, local Burnsville roofing company like Legacy Construction.  Legacy Construction offers free inspections, 24/7 emergency storm damage repairs, and will help you navigate the claims process to make sure you’re receiving the appropriate repairs for your coverage.  We understand that sustaining damage to your roof in a storm can be a very stressful process and we’re committed to treating our customers with the utmost care and respect just like we would if they were our own family.

If you’ve sustained storm damage to your roof in Burnsville, call Legacy Construction, today, for a free estimate!