5 Tips for Handling Storm Damage to Your Apple Valley Roof

by | Apr 10, 2024 | Apple Valley, Blog, Roof Storm Damage


While you can’t always prevent weather-related damage to your roof, having a proactive plan can help minimize the impact. In Apple Valley, different times of the year bring various weather challenges, including hail and strong winds.

Storms can cause a range of damage, from fallen branches and leaks to dislodged or punctured roofs. Being prepared for potential damage is crucial, allowing you to implement your recovery plan effectively like storm damage repairs. This article outlines five steps to address roof storm damage in Apple Valley, helping you manage the aftermath efficiently.

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Storm Damage Repair in Apple Valley: 5 Steps for Roof Recovery 

Prioritize Safety

During and after a storm, your safety is paramount. Avoid broken windows, shattered glass, downed power lines, and electrical devices if your home has flood water. Ensure your surroundings are safe before attempting to leave your residence.

Inspect for Roof Damage

Once you have confirmed your safety, inspect your roof and home for signs of storm damage. Document all issues with photos and videos, including leaks, missing or warped shingles, punctured roofing, and damaged screen doors. Keeping detailed records of the damage will be helpful for future reference.

Implement Temporary Repairs

Depending on the extent of storm damage, you can make temporary repairs until a professional roofing company can conduct more thorough work—place pans or buckets to catch the water and minimize damage if your roof leaks. For minor shingle damage, you can cover the affected area with a tarp to protect it temporarily.


roof storm damage, emergency roof repair, storm damage repair


Choose a Local Roofing Company

It’s best to hire a local roofing company rather than an out-of-town business to avoid potential scams and poor workmanship. Some companies, known as storm chasers, appear after storms but often don’t have your best interests in mind and may deliver subpar work. In contrast, a local company can offer high-quality, timely service and will be available for any follow-up questions or concerns.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

Finally, contacting your insurance provider is essential to understand your policy’s specific requirements fully. This will ensure you know how to remain within your policy’s coverage. Your insurance agent can guide you through your policy and provide detailed information about the sections related to storm damage roof repair.

Legacy Construction: Your Go-To Storm Damage Repair Experts in Apple Valley, MN

Experiencing storm damage can be overwhelming, but Legacy Construction, a reliable Apple Valley roofing contractor, is here to guide you through the repair and restoration process. Our experienced roofing team in Apple Valley, MN, offers timely and thorough repairs to restore and strengthen your home against future weather events. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive storm damage repair services!

Storm Damage Repair Services We Provide 

  • Hail damage roof repair
  • Emergency roof repairs
  • Wind damage roof repair