The Best Colors For Roofs In Burnsville

by | Mar 29, 2022 | Blog, Burnsville, Roofing


The state of your roofing system can tremendously impact the visual appeal of your home. A deteriorated rooftop has the capabilities of making your home look rundown and neglected. One of the easiest ways to maintain the aesthetics of your rooftop is by installing some color-rich roofing shingles.

Picking out a roofing color has never been easier. Roofing material manufacturers offer hundreds of different colors and hues for your roofing system. You’re able to make your roof as neutral or as flamboyant as you’d like.

Roofing brands like Owens Corning have things like Roof Shingle Colors of The Year for developers and homeowners who want to embrace a trendy, in-fashion style for their homes.

The 2022 the Roof Shingle Color of The Year is Bourbon. According to Owen’s Corning, the Bourbon shingle color consists of layered hues which embody warmth and sophistication.

Previous Roof Shingle Color of The Year include Black Sable, Pacific Wave, Sand Dune, etc.

If you’re thinking about installing new roofing materials and not quite sure which color to opt for, these are some of the most popular roofing colors in Burnsville.

popular brown asphalt shingle roofing Burnsville

Beige Blends

Modern and minimalist homes often have more beige or nude roofs in color. These rooftops blend well with the cool, calm design of these minimalist structures, and they add an element of class and sophistication to homes. Not only is a beige roof an aesthetic feature, but it also helps to regulate temperatures inside the house.


Brown-colored rooftops are one of the most common roofing colors found in Burnsville. The color blends well with more neutral home tones and fits in well with any surrounding nature. Brown, earthy tones create a warm and natural aesthetic for your home.


Grey roofs are a popular choice in Burnsville, thanks to their neutral color and inconspicuous appearance. Roofing materials like metal, slate, and concrete all have natural grey hues that match just about any architectural aesthetic, making these materials an excellent option for homeowners who love the color.


A blue rooftop is fantastic for homes with a white or grey exterior color. The color blue adds a cool and calm aesthetic to nearly every setting. Blue roofing is also popular with homes on the sea and lakeside.

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