Gutter Choices: Will K-Style or Half-Round Gutters Work Better for You?

by | Mar 27, 2023 | Blog, Burnsville, Gutters

The decision to replace a gutter system is a wise one during the springtime. The icy, chilly winter has passed, and the warm summer months haven’t arrived yet. This is the sweet spot for doing home exterior work in the Burnsville area. However, it is better to lean toward a K-style gutter system or a half-round? They each have their great benefits, but which one is better? 

First of all, give a call to Legacy Construction for a free inspection of your current system. At that time, we can discuss with you the options you have. But, until we can get to your home, here is a list of things to consider regarding these two systems. 

K-Style Gutter System

K-Style gutter replacement

This type of gutter is designed with a flat bottom and curved edges much like crown molding. They are created to blend in beautifully with the exterior of the home. Here are a few benefits of k-style gutters. 

  • Available in galvalume, copper, aluminum, or steel
  • Able to hold an amazing amount of water 
  • Seamless with no fasteners holding pieces together
  • Popular style
  • Lovely curb appeal
  • Strong and durable

Half-Round Gutter System 

Half-Round Gutters Burnsville

These gutters replicate a tube that has been cut in half. They have a unique “u” shape that looks fabulous on older homes. Here are a few other benefits. 

  • Smooth interior so the water can flow with ease
  • Little corrosion doesn’t collect
  • Can clean excess debris from the system
  • Less maintenance than the k-style, due to a smooth interior
  • Made of aluminum, steel, copper, or vinyl
  • Simpler in design and easier to install

Regardless of which system you choose, a wise homeowner will invest in gutter guards as well. A gutter guard is a mesh or screen that is installed over the gutter system. This metal will aid in keeping the animals and large debris out of the system. Small dirt and particles can still enter the gutter, but can easily be washed away with the next rainstorm. 

Make sure you decide on a gutter system best suited for your home and budget. Cheap gutters only mean you will need to replace them sooner. Secondly, due to the inferior material they are made with, may not hold up to the job you need them to do. Take the time to discuss with us just what you are looking for in a gutter system. With the right system, you won’t have to worry for years about damage caused by buildup in your gutters.

Be sure to place your trust in Legend Construction when the time comes to replace your gutter system. We can help you decide which system looks best on your home and within your budget. We treat every home we work on as if it were our own. We also seek your complete satisfaction with our workmanship. Prepare your home for the upcoming rainy season with new gutters from Legacy Construction in Burnsville. We are here to help you!