Best Restaurants In Burnsville

by | Jan 5, 2022 | Burnsville


Burnsville is the perfect combination of quiet suburban life and bustling city life. Located just a few miles outside of Minneapolis and close enough to natural landscapes and green open spaces, Burnsville has just the right amount of everything, including fine dining and comfort food spots. If you ever find yourself on our side of town and craving a bite to eat, these are some of the best restaurants in Burnsville:


Jensen’s Cafe

Jensen’s Cafe is famous for its utterly delicious all-day breakfasts. Waffles, pancakes, stuffed french toast, and more, you’ll leave Jensen’s Cafe stuffed and feeling good. If you’re looking for a little more at a later time in the day, not to worry because their lunch and dinner menus are just as delicious.


Nha Sang Restaurant

Nha Sang Restaurant serves some of the best authentic Asian cuisines in Burnsville. The restaurant offers patrons delectable dishes from China, Vietnam, and Thailand. This cozy restaurant will make you feel right at home while feeding you some of the best meals to come out of Asia.


Pimento Jamaican Kitchen

If Caribbean and island foods are what you’re craving, then Pimento Jamaican Kitchen is where you need to go. The restaurant has food trucks scattered throughout Minnesota, bringing a taste of Jamaica across the city. The menu includes some of Jamaica’s classic dishes, including jerk chicken, sweet fried plantains, and more.


Chianti Grill

Chianti Grill is a beautiful restaurant serving some of the finest Italian cuisines in all of Minnesota. The restaurant’s interior will make you feel as if you’re dining right on the Amalfi coast, while the food will bring pride to the people of Italy. Dine out with friends and family and make some of the best memories at Chianti Grill.