04/2022 – April Storms Shake Up Southern Minnesota

by | Apr 18, 2022 | Local News, Minnesota, Storm Damage


Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen all kinds of weather elements and conditions here in the southern parts of Minnesota. Meteorologists and weather scientists have been warning of stormy weather and severe weather conditions for weeks. By the looks of it, Mother Nature has delivered on that promise.

A line of severe thunderstorms was first spotted between Jordan and Elko New Market. The storm moved in a northeasterly direction at a speed of 60mph. Residents were warned that their homes and properties could sustain some damage due to the significant wind speeds and potential wind damage.

In Faribault, several semi-trucks were blown over, which led to a road closure on Interstate 35. In Canon Falls, marble-sized hail filled the city and created a white blanket of hail across the area. At the same time, parts of Northwestern Minnesota were experiencing some heavy snowfall.

A tornado watch was also established for cities in the south of Minnesota. Weather specialists warned residents to minimize travel while the storm was still raging, as traveling during these conditions will prove quite treacherous. In the Northwest, much of the area was placed on a winter storm watch as the snowstorm raged on in the area. Several tornado warnings were issued for counties in the Southern parts of Minnesota, including Fillmore and Mower. These same areas also had severe thunderstorms warning placed on them.

Some scattered showers were also spotted across Southern Minnesota; residents were warned to expect some wet weather for a couple of days. While this storm shook up Minnesota, some powerlines, trees, and roofing systems were caught in the chaos and suffered some significant damage.

severe storm southern Minnesota

Image via mprnews.org

Two tornadoes were reported to have touched down in Southern Minnesota near the Iowa border. An EF-1 tornado struck down in Spring Valley in Fillmore County. The tornado had a peak wind speed of 100mph. As it moved through the area, it destroyed several farm buildings and trees in the area. Fortunately, no injuries were sustained. The second tornado, an EF-2 tornado, struck down in Taopi, in Mower County. Wind speeds of up to 135mph were recorded, two people were injured, and several farm buildings and homes were destroyed.

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